Class of 1953/50th Scholarship

  • Renewable***
  • Applicant must be a US citizen
  • Applicant must be a recent high school graduate entering college for the first time
  • Applicant must a previous recipient of the class of 53/50 scholarship
  • Applicant must be accepted for enrollment as a full time student (min 12 semester hours) per semester
  • Applicants must not have a juvenile or criminal convictions within the previous two years
  • The award offers $1500 per year per student for four years, provided the recipient maintain the current scholarship guidelines. Award will be issued in equal shares at the beginning of each semester in which the student has qualified for subject award.
    One (1) scholarship will be awarded each year until the total reaches four. Thereafter, there will be four (4) scholarships awarded each year, 1 NEW and 3 CONTINUING Scholarships
    Exceptions are as prescribed in special award below:
  • The award offers a one time unspecified amount depending on the availability of funds in the scholarship fund account in excess of the committed annual $6,000.
    Any student enrolled at the University on a full-time basis (12 semesters hours per semester) may apply for this award for a special circumstance or emergency basis.

    Academic qualifications for the Initial award or continuing award of the scholarship will be the same as academic qualifications for admission to !he university. However, once the student has been
    admitted to the university and has embarked on a course of study, he/she must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA to continue as a scholarship recipient,

    Scholarship recipients who attain extraordinary academic or extra curricula accomplishments (Dean’s List, Class Officers, Athletic recognition, etc.) during the school year are encouraged to include the facts-and circumstances thereof when submitting scholarship continuation letter for receipt of award bonus if available.

    Scholarship recipients must maintain acceptable behavior and conduct. Inappropriate conduct as defined by the university Code of Conduct may result in scholarship termination.

    Each eligible and qualified applicant (1st year and special award) must submit a completed SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM. Applicants for continuing scholarships (prior recipients) must submit items 1 and 2 only. Attachments are as listed:

    1. A letter, statement, or tuition payment receipt from the university verifying that the applicant is accepted for enrollment as an undergraduate student on a full time basis and is in good academic and financial standing
    2. A copy of applicant’s university transcript or official’s letter from university official verifying students GPA the previous year. (Continuing Scholarship applicants only).
    3. Composition of three hundred words {300) or less to include discussion of the following:

  • Award