A. J. Jones Graduate Nursing Endowment Scholarship

Applicant must be a Texas Resident with a cumulative GPA of 3.0
Need two letters of recommendation from Nursing Faculty.
1. Must be enrolled as a full-time graduate nursing student: MSN FNP, MSN Nurse Administration, MSN Nurse Education, and Doctor of Nursing Practice.
2. Must meet GPA as designated by the Scholarship.
3. Must meet any additional criteria of the scholarship (i.e. show proof of membership in a professional nursing and/or community service).
a. Complete each course successfully by the end of the recommended semester as per the prescribed degree plan for an “on time” graduation date. (DNP scholarship applicant only – All scholarships for DNP Program)
b. By the end of year 1, submit a scholarly paper/manuscript for publication to a refereed journal or present at a local or national professional meeting/conference. (DNP scholarship applicant only – All scholarships for DNP Program)
c. Enroll in one Nursing Education graduate course per year. (DNP scholarship applicant only – Stel Lowman Endowment Scholarship)
d. Participate as a volunteer research assistant in a project for one semester per year (DNP scholarship applicant only – Health & Research Endowment Scholarship).
4. Must serve as College Ambassador during one or more marketing/recruiting events.